Join us for a brain health weekend retreat that features science-based approaches to improving brain health and decreasing the risk of brain disease. You can reclaim your life and preserve brain function by transforming your lifestyle.

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Learn About

What you can change in our life that is associated with brain disease (e.g. Dementia – Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson)

How you can find out your level of risk for brain disease? (e.g. specific laboratory tests options)

  • Specific supplements for brain health
  • Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

Your Host

Dr. Jette Hogenmiller, a nutrition therapy practitioner will be your host for this experience. Other invited guests or support persons may be present to enhance your experience.

What to Expect

  • Small group (3-6) setting
  • Cooking meals as a group that lower brain inflammation
  • Overnight stay
  • Handouts to cover education (risks, laboratory tests, brain supplement options, anti-inflammatory meal recipes, resources)
  • Discussion with Question/Answer
  • Free-time to explore local area outside mountain cabin, take in the mountain view, sit and read a good book or other spiritual regenerative activities
  • Options to have laboratory tests ordered in advance or after the weekend with follow-up consultation

Who Should Attend?

Adults, 18 or 19 years of age (depends on the state) or older, as the younger one learns good health habits the better! Anyone aging or with any memory challenges could benefit… concerned about brain health, has a family history of dementia or has a very early diagnoses of dementia.  Individuals must be able to read and speak English as instruction will be in English and include some handouts, and have the ability to climb one flight of stairs.



Noon Check-in, Cooking class on anti-inflammatory foods; enjoy lunch & conversation, review what brain changes occur with dementia. Review what is believed to be the source of these changes. Introduction to anti-inflammatory nutrition. Free time for hike, read a book or other self-directed activity. Dinner in home or restaurant.


Breakfast Cooking Class, Review Environmental Exposures to Avoid, Approaches to Sleep, Targeted Exercise, & Anti-inflammatory Nutrition. Review laboratory tests to consider having done to identify personal insight into own inflammation. Brain health supplements – tailored & generic to consider. 1PM  Check-out.


grass fed beef

During your stay, we will cook together anti-inflammatory and anti-gluten recipes such as the grass fed beef dish shown above. Vegetarian menu options are available.

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