“Excellence is a moving target.”

About Dr. Jette Hogenmiller

Jette R Hogenmiller, PhD has dedicated her career to learning as much as she can in the area of health care so she can best serve clients and act as an advocate.

Her passion in protecting and maximizing the health of her own family has extended to help you maximize you and your family’s health.

When we love our family we want the best for them – we can only do that by taking care of ourselves so we can spend lots of years on earth together with our family in great health!

Focusing on our and our family’s health decreases our risk for disease and disability – while never eliminating 100% we can significantly improve our lives through simple, changes in nutrition and other lifestyle habits (limiting negative environmental exposures, specific exercise approaches and restorative sleep). Jette lives in Colorado and Nebraska, providing nutrition consultations in both locations, plus internet/phone consultations.

She is married to Bob, her lifelong partner and source of support. Her two sons are a source of joy, as well as one grandson.  Her family enjoys camping, bike riding, cooking and other activities.  The laughter of family while cooking for holidays and other gatherings is one of the most pleasant sounds Jette enjoys.

Degrees & Certifications


• PhD in nursing
• Masters of Nursing (MN)
• Post masters certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN)
• Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)
• Certified Diabetic Educator, CDE
• Certified Eden Educator, CEE
• Dementia Care (multiple certifications)
• Functional Medicine – training
• Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, NTP
• Trauma Nurse Certification, TNCC


Over 25 years of full-time college:

• University of Michigan – Public Health, Women’s Study, Cancer, Diverse Populations
• University of Nebraska – Nursing, Psychometrics & other
• University of Washington – Oncology/Cancer


U.S. Army Reserve, Nurse Corps, for 21 years to include a field hospital

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